Kenyan Cooking Workshops

Kenyan Cooking Workshops

Companies. Private. Public. Singles.

Company Cooking Workshops

Roll up your sleeves, kick-off those shoes that hurt and put on your apron!

Get to know your colleagues and business partners on a whole different level. Our cooking workshops are unique and inspire that cooking princess in everyone to come out. There is a lot of team bonding and laugther that comes with it. This is a team event that your team will actually love.

Private Groups

Joy starts in the kitchen!

Gather your group of friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances (min. 6 persons) for a private cooking workshop in your home or at a cooking studio near you. We customize the workshop to your specific wishes.

Public Cooking Classes

Gather. Cook. Eat. Make merry. Repeat.

Open cooking workshops held at professional cooking studios throughout The Netherlands. You can join alone or with friends, all we ask on these special workshops is that you to bring your appetite, your curiosity, and your fun crazy side to enjoy a dazzling time together.

Singles Cooking Workshops

Let the singles mingle!

Join us for this exclusive cooking and dining experience with other singles in town. It is a wonderful evening of cooking, wining, dining and dating, as you make absolutely delicious Kenyan food and hopefully a few new love connections.